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The Benefits Begin Here

Chronic conditions can feel overwhelming and we commonly see this in the lives of the patients we partner with. From personal experience, supporting a family member with chronic conditions is very important to our practice.  Please visit the About page to learn more about how Dr. Adams and his family transitioned to Functional Medicine to find healing and restore vibrancy.


To minimize the feeling of overwhelm, we have developed an efficient and informative approach for healing. Your unique protocol will provide you with specific information and tools to help you succeed along your path to wellness. 

Here are our 3 simple steps to improved health and wellness:

Take Free Symptom Assessment

The Toxicity and Symptom Screening Questionnaire aids in identifying the symptoms that connect to the underlying causes of illness.  Frequency and severity of symptoms are calculated and compliment other testing and diagnostics and treatment protocol recommendations.

Book Free Welcome Call

During your welcome call, our team will listen to your story and integrates your health priorities, concerns and vision into your wellness plan.  Learn about our process and how we approach Root Cause healing.  Let’s make sure we are a good fit- schedule your complimentary Welcome Call today.


Purchase New Patient


Purchase your New Patient Program and begin to explore and learn what health challenges are holding you back from feeling like the best possible version of yourself.  Understand how subtle lifestyle changes can enhance your efforts and  change the course of your health status.




​Our New Patient Program includes the following:

  • Full Integration to PracticeBetter to facilitate seamless communication between patient and the practitioner. Lab results and session summary notes are stored in this HIPAA compliant platform.

  • Includes:

    • Adrenal test kit- to gauge adrenal performance and impact on health and wellness.

    • Practitioner appointment preparation and one hour initial visit

    • Lab review and interpretation

    • Supplement recommendations

Health Investment-  $579

**Initial Health Investment does not include purchase of lab work, additional test kits, supplement orders or future practitioner appointment fees

Our practice is trained in the ReCode protocol developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen.  His program has been shown to lead to improved test scores in some patients with cognitive decline/dementia.  We focus on integrating caregivers into the patient's protocol so that maximum benefit can be achieved.  Each patient is unique in their genetic makeup and predisposition. We create a protocol that is tailored to each patient and their target needs.

For those wishing to be seen for cognitive decline/dementia, the above services will be implemented in conjunction with 

Dr. Bredesen's ReCode protocol. For more information about ReCode in our practice, please contact our Clinical Coordinator at 916-572-9602.

** The Practice is acting in a specialist, supportive, consultative capacity and not as a primary care physician (PCP). Accordingly, The Practice is not replacing care currently provided to its patients by other physicians, such as a patient’s current primary care physician, internist, gynecologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, pediatrician (in the case of children), or other specialty care. The Practice does not admit patients to the hospital or treat hospitalized patients, and patients should maintain a relationship with a physician who is available to provide emergent and urgent care. Patients who encounter a medical emergency and are not able to obtain care from their primary care physician, should contact 911 or report to a hospital emergency department.  The Practice does not provide on-call services.

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